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How to book a tour

Go to the page ONLINE BOOKING  (https://privatetoursbcn.com/online-booking/)  then select the tour you want to book and click on the button “ book now”.

In the next page you will follow 4 steps to book the tour you want.

In the 1st step you will select the date and time and click on button NEXT

In the 2st step you will see the selected date and time. Also you will see the cost of the tour. If all of them are correct then click on button NEXT .

In the 3rd step you will fill in your personal data like Name, billing address and country. it is necessary to fill in number of persons that will attend the tour, the address and name of your hotel and the time to pick you up from there.

In the 4th step you will see the prefilled fields and then you will fill in the payment details like card number , full name , month-year and CVC  . Then if all the fields are correct click on the button “BOOK NOW”

We will let you know about the process of booking and keep you up date


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